Kitty from the City 1971

On vacation, a married city couple and their kitty, Precious, hop in their RV and drive out to the woods for camping trip. Seeing that Precious is a real scared y-cat, Woody takes advantage and plays jokes on the cat.

Charlie the Rainmaker 1971

While Charlie was watering his lawn, Bessie tells him she ordered a sprinkler. Not wanting to spend money on installing, Charlie decides to install it himself....

Woody's Magic Touch 1971

In medieval times, Woody goes on a quest to transform a dragon back into the king's son with the aid of a witch's magic wand.

Show Biz Beagle 1972

Buzz Buzzard scams Woody into buying a talking dog when actually, it's a mouse under the dog's hat who does the talking.

Bye, Bye, Blackboard 1972

Woody Woodpecker goes to school with his dog. Mrs. Meany tries to get the dog out of her classroom. The final theatrical Woody Woodpecker cartoon. The last theatrical cartoon released by the Walter Lantz studio.

Indian Corn 1972

A young Indian, sent on a quest by his chief to capture a woodpecker, sees Woody riding through the desert on a motor scooter shooting cans off ...

Chili Con Corny 1972

A dune buggy-riding Woody tangles with Miss Meany and her extremely hot chili and beans.

The Rude Intruder 1972

The last Chilly Willy release has him and the polar bear in an environmentalist fight between a man on an icebreaker who wants to drill an oil well in the arctic.

Two Little Pups 1936

A hen tries to get something to eat from a garden, but is chased around the yard by the titular pups.